Customer Testimonials

"Over the past year and a half that I have trained with Paula, I have gained strength, agility, flexibility and lost twelve pounds. I can now wear the same clothes I did thirty years ago and am at the same weight and condition as when I graduated from high school. Paula has an even temperament which encourages hard work and a consistent, sustainable approach to training."

– Alex Floyd

"Paula is a wonderful trainer. She has been my trainer for a year and she really helped me attain the results I wanted. Paula always makes the workout fun and challenging. Her creative approach includes using traditional machines, free weights and my own body weight to create a unique and diverse workout routine. She is the most pleasant and hard working trainer I've used. I highly recommend Paula for individuals of all fitness levels- she can help beginners and long time fitness enthusiasts alike."

– Cathy Rathke

"Paula helped train me for my first half marathon. Now, I am in the best shape of my life!"

– Jennifer Lecorchick

"Being a former athlete in college I was not too worried about having a trainer but after the first couple of sessions with Paula I became a believer. It has been a month and I will continue to train with her for some time. Paula's knowledge and tailoring of my workouts to fit my specific needs have been fabulous. I have more energy and feel better about myself with each session. Paula has a warm personality that is very effective in getting folks to work hard and she is innovative in her approach to keeping things new and exciting. I could not be more pleased with my experience so far." Frank lost 50 pounds in the six months he trained with Paula!"

– Frank Kloeber

"Thank you so much Paula! You've been the best trainer I've ever had! I always fell so good when the workout is over."

– Nikki Mercer

"I started working out with Paula a few months ago to begin a weight loss program. I have lost weight, but more importantly, I feel fit and strong. Her workouts are always challenging yet fun, with lots of variety so I don’t get bored. I am back to enjoying riding horses and even running! She is so encouraging and makes me want to work harder than I ever thought I could!"

– Christina Floyd

"Of the four trainers I've had Paula is by far the BEST! She's dedicated to a client's success. She's been very flexible with my schedule and she trains me hard for the entire time! I also learned a lot about the right way to eat and choosing healthier foods which has made all the difference."

– Mark Schurtman

"I have been working out with Paula for the past six months and have had phenomenal results, and most importantly, I have loved every minute of it! Paula is amazing at what she does; she creates a program unique and specific to your needs while always incorporating new things into your workouts to keep them interesting. I have always been somewhat of an athlete and enjoy exercising, but I felt like I needed that extra "something", and Paula has more than delivered! She helps her clients with all aspects of healthy living, including diet and nutrition. Paula is by far the best personal trainer I have seen in action, and it is not just her knowledge of exercise, but she is also so encouraging, so supportive and so much fun!"

– Anna Lee Paschal

In the two years that I've been training with Paula I have lost 15 pounds, improved my fitness level, and feel better than ever! Paula provides challenging and varied training routines targeted to my specific needs. Her engaging style and personality inspire hard work and provide motivation for consistent and more effective training on my own. Paula is knowledgeable, experienced, reliable, and focuses on results for clients. I recommend Paula to anyone considering a personal trainer!"

– Chuck Wakild

I have been working out with Paula for over two years. I have never felt better about myself! I am a runner and a bike-rider, but knew I needed to work on my upper body. Paula's workouts are designed not just for total body, but for total mind as well. She adapts exercises for your fitness level, she encourages you to push yourself, she incorporates topics such as nutrition and wellness into her routines. I always feel fantastic after a workout and even look forward to the next day's aches and pains, because I know I've done something good for myself. I even wear little black dresses and sleeveless tops fearlessly because of Paula's work with me, and at my age that is an accomplishment!!! This is a picture of my 17 year old niece and me after the Ramblin' Rose Triathlon.

– Cheryl Phillips

Before starting with Paula, I was not happy with myself. I was a recent graduate from college who completely let my body go while there. Since graduating, I had tried working out on my own, but I wasn’t motivated to do anything active. I tried a different trainer before Paula who just did not fit with my personality. I found out about Paula through a family friend. She has completely changed my life. I began training with her in late January. She has motivated me to start waking up earlier than I need to in order to get a work out in before my day begins. She provided me with meal plans and pushed me to clean out my refrigerator. Honestly, I am a much different person, a much happier person now that I have met Paula. Now, 6 months later, I am 28 pounds lighter and 15 inches smaller. I am ecstatic about the way I look and I will continue to work hard to keep my body the way it is. It is the lifestyle change and the motivation that I received from Paula that has changed my life for the better!

– Neill Franz

I have been working out in Paula's group training classes for almost a year. In that time I have lost almost 30 pounds and inches from my biceps, chest, waist, hips, and thighs. Paula's group classes are fun and challenging. She knows that perfect balance between pushing her clients while keeping the workout healthy and safe. At each group class there are a range of abilities and strength levels, yet Paula knows how to tailor the workout so each client gets the workout he/she needs. Paula is very encouraging and it is obvious that she truly cares about her clients' health. During the group classes, Paula has given tips on exercise, ways to select healthy meals when eating out, she suggests healthy recipes, and many more strategies on staying fit. During one class she even took us on a tour through her refrigerator and pantry to show us healthy and good foods that she recommends. Because of Paula, I have lost weight and feel strong and toned. I could not have done this without her. I highly recommend Paula Smith Fitness!

– Stacy Wells

This former couch potato actually likes exercising! Not only am I feeling better, but I am seeing results. Thanks Paula! You have made sweating fun.

– Mike Troppe

Paula, I would like to thank you for all of your help in the past year. When we first met I was skeptical that I could lose my desired 20 pounds by my daughters wedding that was to take place in 3 months. When the date came I had lost 30 pounds and today I am down from 244 to 195 pounds. Your insight into nutrition combined with the all encompassing workouts had led me to a dramatic change in my life. Thank you for being a great motivator, leader and cheerleader.

– Mike Underwood

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