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The Fitness Court- Fit More Fun in Your Fitness!

I recently visited San Francisco and while out on my morning run I literally ran into this amazing fitness structure called the “FITNESS COURT”.  I think I might have heard angels singing! It was like an adult playground!  I stopped running for a moment and watched as a few men & women used their own body weight to complete various exercises.  I asked if I could play and they welcomed me with a smile!  This structure was free to the community.  Anyone could come by day or night to get a great workout.
The 34.5’x32′ Fitness Court is an outdoor body weight training system designed with adults of all fitness levels in mind. The court features seven exercise stations: Core, squat, push, lunge, pull, agility and bend. These 7 stations are meant to build strength, balance and flexibility. The idea is that you go through the entire court a number of times, with one minute at each station recommended.  After a full circuit, rest for 3 minutes and then around again and again if you like.

I learned that the National Fitness Campaign designed the Fitness Court to bring communities, neighbors, friends and families together and to build new health habits and routines, regain control of skyrocketing health care costs, and reduce diseases caused by obesity.

The court offers hundreds of routines intended to support fitness training for a variety of age groups and intensity levels. I believe beginners will feel just as comfortable as serious athletes when they experience the flexibility and power of the system.

I would love for Raleigh to get on board with this amazing fitness circuit. Then, I can be YOUR trainer to help you along the way, to teach you everything you need to know about the Fitness Court and how you can train yourself toward better overall health.  Help me spread the word!  It will help you fit more fun into your fitness!!



Paula Smith, ACE CPT